March Newsletter

Pastoral Reflections for 2020 Continued

GCCLB is committed to equipping every saint for the Great Commission and every phase of the ministry is directed toward the commands of our Savior and Lord. This reform takes time and only God can change the hearts of a society motivated by worldly ambition, to see that a community in Christ serves one another to the glory of God.
Our goal for the spiritual growth of every member is ever before us, and beginning April of 2020, GCCLB will launch our Grace@Home Fellowship Groups. Between three and four families will open their homes for regular times of fellowship in God’s word and with each other. More information, including host locations and times, will be provided for you via email and announcements.

What are our physical needs?
An associate who can invest two to three years with GCCLB, specifically in the areas of training, teaching, preaching, and administration. A faithful assistant will help us to implement our ministry goals efficiently and can model faithful ministry along with the pastor.
Financial support to cover salary and to help build a reserve to secure a more permanent place of worship.

What are our spiritual needs?
Full participation of every saint to fill ministry and service needs.
Prayers of the saints that the church will mature in Christ so that we may declare the gospel to the greater Long Beach area and effectively disciple those whom God will save.
Prayer that we will wisely plan for the more discipleship training for this year, and in the future, a weekday study for our youths.

We are confident that God, by His Spirit and word will graciously open our eyes to see what matters the most—Christ supremely above all and the edification of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are also confident that the work God has begun in us He will complete it until the day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:6). With this in view, GCCLB's vision is to mature God's way, using every resource He has given to us for the growth of the church. We cannot depend on programs, gimmicks, or worldly inventions to attract the world. The gospel is the most attractive message to eyes that are opened only by our faithful and sovereign God.

Until He comes, let us all be found faithful in life and service to our supremely worthy Savior and King, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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