Dec 2014

Among many things, Christmas affords us the opportunity to focus on the birth of Christ. His entrance into time as a man was no ordinary one. The creator of time changed the course of time and history when He came; affirming with obvious proofs He was and is the Creator, and Lord over all things. His birth was no ordinary one; He was conceived of the Holy Spirit––born of the Virgin Mary. Just considering those realities sets the birth of Christ on a bar no other human will ever attain. That makes......

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September 12, 2014

Examining Ferguson Biblically

Human fallenness is a very tragic sight, and I am fully aware of my own weaknesses. Sin––I hate it; it robs God of His glory; robs me of my fellowship with Him; robs our families...

September 09, 2014

Cyber Commands

The growth in the cyber world and the world of the Internet overall has been phenomenal. And on just that point we could discuss the age of technological advances for an extended period of time....