Feb 2014

Today, there are several acceptable ways to define a church. Some see the church as a place where people meet. We have often heard the phrase, ‘there is a church down the street’, yet it is referred to a church even when no one is presently meeting there for services. Or someone will say that they belong to a particular ‘Baptist’ or ‘Presbyterian’ church. Ultimately, the only way to resolve this is to once again look at God’s word for the most accurate description of a church. In a New Testament context,......

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February 17, 2014

Biblical Leadership

I have been blessed to be married to the same lovely, godly lady for 17 years now. She has been an inspiration and a joy for me and certainly has provided comfort, encouragement, and godly...

February 10, 2014

Truth by Seymour Helligar

If one were to look back and observe the history of mankind, it would reveal, among many things, that he has been on an extended journey for truth. This ancient quest began after the fall,...