Are you a member here and are you looking for ways to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ? We know that God has gifted everyone to serve in some capacity. Please find a place to serve by praying about and committing to one of the following needs here.

1. Nursery Assistance:

In need of a few more ladies to make sure the nursery room is clean prior to and following our services. For parents who use the facility, this is an ideal place to serve.

2. Audio/ Visual:

Needs your service for:
(a) Managing sound
(b) Live stream
(c) Uploading messages
(d) Working PowerPoint, etc.

3. Media Services:

Keeping media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Online Calendar current.

4. Singers/Musicians:

If interested and skilled in this are, please email GCCLB.

There will be additional roles to fill this year. We look forward to the full participation of all God's people!

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