Aug 2014

Helpful Safeguards for Music Lovers Subjects can take on a personality of their own. They may fall into the category of Christian liberty or personal choice. Even though Scripture does not deal with the options with great specificity, the word of God helps us in many ways, even in matters deemed preferential. That includes the topic of music and choice of music. The subject of music, including the opinions on what freedoms we have and not have, is as vast as the ocean. Most of us may agree that music is a......

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July 15, 2014

Illegal Procedure: Spiritual Formation

  As the various winds of false doctrines continue to blow over the religious landscape, many false religions have been birthed through apostate Christianity (kind of an oxymoron but we will use it for now). Or...

March 12, 2014


By Russ Bellinis The world defines love as a feeling or emotion.  The problem with this definition is that feelings and emotions are changeable.  How many Christian marriages end because people fall “in and out”...